Office fit-out costs in Singapore rise to $188 psf, highest in Southeast Asia

Amongst Southeast Asian cities, Manila had the second highest possible standard office fit out price at $129 psf, followed by Bangkok at $144 psf.

According to C&W, the rise in expenses was underpinned by continued stressors within the worldwide supply chain, leading to risen delivery charges. The recurring dispute in Europe has decreased business flows and re-routed shipping vessels away from the Suez Canal, including around 10-14 days in transit time.

Inside Apac, Japanese cities had the utmost fit out expenses. Tokyo ($ 268 psf) took the top area followed by Osaka ($ 263 psf) and Nagoya ($ 258 psf). Singapore rated 14th in terms of regular fit out price in Apac capitals.

Pinetree Hill UOL Group & Singapore Land Group Limited

This produces office spaces in Singapore the most costly to fit out in Southeast Asia for the 2nd year operating. The price deems more than 50% of the space is alloted to dedicated offices and that the tenant has adopted versatile operating process post-pandemic.

In regards to global positions, London has the most pricey fit out costs around the world at $355 psf.

Grant Carter, head of project and development services for Singapore at C&W, notices that the flight to high quality trend continues to be prominent, with even more business selecting much better excellent structures in business-strategic places.

The much higher prices in Singapore become as average fit out prices continued to ascend across the Asia Pacific (Apac) area, albeit at a slower pace compared to last year.

” Designing for a curated place of work skill is on the increase, with a continued emphasis on creating a location that contributes to higher frequency, greater efficiency, and a general rise in end user experience,” he adds in

The common price of fitting out an office space in Singapore climbed 4.4% from $180 psf in 2022 to $188 psf last year, according to a report by worldwide residential property consultancy Cushman & Wakefield (C&W).

C&W emphasize that developing workplaces that market productivity, well-being and sustainability remains to be a priority for residents much as they come to grips with expense challenges.

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